Workers’ Comp Claims Filed by Holiday Employees

What are Five of the Most Common Types of Workers’ Comp Claims During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is the busiest of the year for many different industries and sectors. As workers struggle to keep up with increased client, customer, and consumer demands, the chances of suffering a work-related injury go up. For this reason, many employers see an increase in workers’ compensation claim filings right around the holidays.


For employees that work in the retail sector, stocking shelves can become an hourly task, which means a lot of trips up and down ladders to reach top-stock locations. A fall from one of these ladders can spell serious injuries, especially if the product the worker was carrying falls atop them, too.

Back Injuries

Serious back injuries and strains can also plague holiday workers who need to move and lift products or equipment throughout their shifts. What might start as a simple backache can rapidly worsen into a bad back injury with lingering consequences. Workers must pay attention to their bodies and should report any concerning back pains to their supervisors immediately.

Occupational Illnesses 

Employers can feel tempted to pack schedules during holiday rushes and demand that all employees stay for their full shifts, even when they are exhibiting signs of an illness. If one employee is kept at work despite being sick and contagious, and another employee comes down with the same symptoms, then that second employee could potentially file a workers’ comp claim for an occupational illness.

Mental Health Difficulties

The stress that many workers feel during the holiday season can be enough to cause mental health difficulties after a time. Anxiety and depression, for example, are not uncommon among employees in various industries who are paid largely through commissions or who must hit sales quotas to maintain employment.


Overworking an employee during the holiday season is a real risk that managers and employers need to be constantly aware of. When a worker is worked to the point of exhaustion, it can be a serious health concern that warrants a workers’ compensation claim. This situation is lose-lose, as it endangers the employee and costs the company money in workers’ comp benefits. Both outcomes can be avoided if employees are provided ample breaks and shifts with reasonable hours.

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