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To work in a factory, you need to be tough, mentally, physically, or both. In the average factory setting, there is always work to do, little time to rest, and workplace hazards around each corner. One problem is that working for years in the industry doesn’t make those hazards any less dangerous or prominent. Factory accidents can and do happen to veterans and newcomers alike, and both deserve workers’ compensation benefits when they do.

Were you hurt while working in a factory in Chicago or Cook County? Do you want to get workers’ comp but don’t know how? McHargue & Jones, LLC and our factory worker injury attorneys would be happy to review your case and determine the best approach to secure your workers’ comp benefits. If you have already filed a claim but it was denied, we can help you with the appeals process and other procedures, too.

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Common Injuries in the Manufacturing Industry

Working in the manufacturing industry can put you in close proximity to a number of different hazards and potential dangers. Specifically, moving machinery and harmful chemicals in the average manufacturing plant or factory can be extremely dangerous if safety is not the top priority for everyone there. Of course, day-to-day work in less extreme conditions can also lead to accidents and injuries, even when people are doing their best to avoid them.

Injuries often suffered by assembly line workers are:

  • Slip and fall injuries on steps and in crowded spaces
  • Overexertion injuries from working long hours
  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) from performing the same action for hours/weeks
  • Illnesses caused by exposure to hazardous substances
  • Burns from electrical sources or heated surfaces
  • Crush injuries caused by machinery and equipment

Some of these injuries can be life-threatening. 911 should be called immediately when someone is seriously injured on the jobsite. Workers should not wait for their employer’s approval to seek medical attention. The details of who will pay for that medical care can be sorted later.

Benefits After a Factory Injury

Two important benefits you can get after a factory accident and injury are:

  • Medical treatment coverage: The total cost of your necessary medical treatments should be paid by your employer’s insurance provider, not you. Problems in a case arise if the insurer tries to argue that some treatments were not necessary but were elective or optional instead. If this happens, then call (312) 739-0000 right away.
  • Disability pay: For serious injuries that take you out of work for a week or more, you can become eligible for temporary total disability (TTD) or permanent total disability (PTD) pay. This income will equal two-thirds of your average weekly pre-injury wages, above a minimum amount and below a maximum cap. It can last for weeks, months, or years depending on the permanence of your disability.

Do Contracted Factory Workers Get Benefits?

Independent contractors usually do not get workers’ compensation benefits in most industries. Employers often try to save money on monthly insurance costs by allocating as many jobs as possible in a factory to contracted workers rather than official employees. However, some employers will intentionally categorize employees as independent contractors to save their profits. Don’t assume you can’t get workers’ comp because you’re an independent contractor. Let our attorneys review your situation first.

Find Out What Benefits Might Await You

After being injured while working a factory job in Chicago or the surrounding Cook County, make McHargue & Jones, LLC the first team of attorneys you call. We are standing by to assist with all sorts of claims, including those that need to be filed and those that have already been denied or challenged. With us leading the way for your case, you can rest and be confident in your future recovery.

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