The Benefits of Working with a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Sustaining a workplace injury can result in a devastating financial impact on any worker, considering the medical expenses and the time required to recuperate. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits exist to provide financial assistance to injured employees. However, obtaining these benefits can be complex and stressful, especially if the claim is denied or the employer challenges the claim.  

In such cases, working with a workers’ comp attorney can make all the difference. In this article, we will be discussing the key benefits of hiring a workers comp attorney to represent you in your injury case. 

Legal Expertise 

Working with a workers’ comp attorney gives you access to legal expertise that can increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Attorneys specializing in workers' compensation laws will not only have an in-depth understanding of such laws, but they will also be familiar with the usual tactics and strategies insurance companies and employers use to dispute claims. Knowing what to expect and how to respond can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. 

Administrative Support 

Workers’ comp cases can be complicated, and the paperwork and documentation required can overwhelm anyone unaccustomed to the process. However, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer means that all of the administrative work is taken care of on your behalf. T 

his support means that you can focus on your recovery while leaving the claim process to professionals. Moreover, legal counsel also has established relationships with adjusters, doctors, and vocational experts to aid in building a case for you. 

Settlement Negotiations 

Most employers and insurers aim to pay out as little as possible in workers' compensation claims. These parties are often legally proficient, giving them an advantage in negotiations.  

Hiring a workers’ comp attorney means that you have an expert negotiator who can help you secure the best possible case results. Since the attorney has no financial stakes in a settlement, you can rest assured they will prioritize your interests while ensuring that you receive the benefits you deserve. 

Experience Establishing Liability  

Proving liability is an essential part of any worker’s compensation claim. Your employer's insurance company will likely try to prove that your injury was your fault or that it was not work-related.  

A workers’ comp attorney can investigate your case and gather evidence to prove that your injury was caused by your job duties. They can interview witnesses, request medical records, and consult with experts to build a strong case on your behalf. 

Saving Time & Reducing Stress 

The workers' compensation process can be time-consuming and stressful. An attorney can help you speed up the process and ensure that your case is resolved as quickly as possible. They can handle all the paperwork, communication with insurance companies, and other legal matters, so you can focus on your recovery. 

An experienced attorney can also help you avoid having your claim disputed or denied. There are various reasons why a workers' compensation claim may be denied, such as: 

  • Lack of documentation. If the injured employee fails to report the incident to their employer or does not submit relevant medical records, the claim may be denied. 

  • Pre-existing conditions. If an employee has a pre-existing condition that was not aggravated or worsened due to work-related activities, the claim may be denied. 

  • Fraudulent claims. If an employee provides false information to obtain benefits they are not entitled to, the claim may be denied. 

  • Disputes over the validity of the claim. If the employer disputes the validity of the claim, the insurance company may deny it. 

If your claim is denied or disputed by your employer or insurance company, you need to file an appeal promptly. During the appeal, you will need to review the reason for the denial or dispute, spot mistakes, and identify evidence that could have been overlooked. As a result, you stand a higher chance of getting a positive outcome in the appeal process with the expert aid of a workers’ comp attorney. However, navigating an appeal can add time and stress to navigating your case.  

Discuss Your Case with Our Attorneys 

Sustaining an on-the-job injury can be overwhelming and seeking compensation for it equally daunting. Working with a workers' compensation attorney can ease the burden, enhance the likelihood of securing the benefits you deserve, and expedite your recovery process.  

At McHargue & Jones, LLC, our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you understand what type of workers’ compensation benefits are available to you and how to proceed with filing a claim. You can trust our team with your case, as we have helped countless clients with their workers’ compensation needs. With decades of legal experience, our attorneys make themselves available to clients 24/7 and are known for their reliability, responsiveness, and attention to detail.  

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