Injured Workers Are Entitled to a Language Interpreter

To recover benefits under the workers’ compensation system, an injured employee must spend a significant amount of time speaking with their employer, representatives from their employer’s insurance company, and attorneys.

These processes can be complicated for the many non-native English speakers in the American workforce. Workers’ compensation bureaus throughout the United States (including the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission) provide non-English speaking employees with interpreters to complete their workers’ compensation claims.

How Do I Reach an Interpreter?

The systems for getting in touch with an interpreter will vary between states. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) specifies that interpreters are available “for petitioners who do not speak English, do not have an attorney, do not have their own interpreter, and are signing settlement contracts.” The Commission provides language interpreters to people who qualify. Workers in need can contact the IWCC to match them with an interpreter.

Do You Need Help with Your Claim?

If you require translation assistance to complete a work injury claim, do not agree to any terms you do not understand. Following your initial medical treatment, contact our law firm to get in touch with an attorney who you can discuss your claim with. Our goal is to guide you through the workers’ compensation claim process and handle the legal matter while you recover from your injuries.

Language interpreters are available to those in need, but your claim can be understood and negotiated with the help of a lawyer. The McHargue & Jones, LLC legal team features several Spanish-speaking attorneys! If you were injured on the job and need an experienced lawyer on your side, schedule a no-cost case evaluation with our legal team today. We can help you understand your rights following a work injury, and help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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