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Common On-the-Job Injuries in Retail

The Importance of Health and Safety in Retail Stores

asian woman doing inventory in retail storeWhen most people think of hazardous jobs, retail roles generally do not make the list. Retail workers are just as likely as any other worker to be injured at their jobs and may be equally at risk for occupational accidents as workers in traditionally “dangerous” roles.

Retail workers may suffer from occupational injuries such as:

  • Bone sprains and fractures
  • Muscle tears
  • Strain injuries

Common Hazards in Retail Stores

Retail roles sometimes require physically demanding work, including standing for long periods of time, walking around a lot, lifting heavy objects, and climbing ladders. These responsibilities can cause accidents and strain which results in damage to workers’ muscles and bones.

As is the case in every industry, an unsafe work environment can easily cause work injuries. In a store, injuries can be caused by hazards such as unclear work areas and improper training on safety procedures (for example, how to avoid injury when lifting boxes).

Injuries that occur in a retail setting may be caused by:

What is the Most Common Injury for Retail Workers?

Some of the most common injuries suffered by retail workers include: muscle strains or sprains caused by repetitive stress injuries, cuts or puncture injuries, broken or fractured bones from slip and fall accidents.

Retail Worker Injury Statistics

According to a report from CBS News, retail workers are more likely to be injured on the job than people who work in industries that are traditionally viewed as dangerous, such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and oil drilling.

The report states, “In 2018, 3.5 of every 100 full-time retail workers suffered a nonfatal injury or illness while at work.” The 2018 injury rate was 3.4 nonfatal injuries or illnesses per 100 workers in the manufacturing industry, 2.7 injuries/illnesses among construction workers, and 1.4 injuries/illnesses among “mining and oil field workers.” In comparison, agriculture was identified as the most dangerous industry, with an injury rate of 5%.

Pet stores were identified as the most dangerous retail environment for workers. “Workers in building material and garden equipment stores, tire dealers, and warehouse clubs and super centers” also face a higher rate of injuries and illnesses.

The data was collected by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Workers’ Compensation for Retail Employees

Many retail employees work part-time or pick up temporary work during the busy holiday season. If you are a retail employee who does not work full-time, you may be curious about your right to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

Part-time and seasonal employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job.

Your employer cannot deny you workers’ compensation coverage solely because you are not a full-time employee. For experienced representation in your work injury case, contact McHargue & Jones, LLC today.

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