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How Dangerous is Being a Plumber?

The plumbing occupational is not one that is often associated with severe dangers. But it depends on the type of plumbing work you complete. Residential plumbers might have a relatively low risk of encountering an on-the-job hazard, but commercial or industrial plumbers could be in more day-to-day danger because they work around larger, heavier equipment and bigger, more-pressurized waterlines.

With that said, workplace accidents do happen within the plumbing industry. What’s important is that your employer takes steps to reduce them and covers you with workers’ compensation insurance if one happens.

Plumbers might suffer these on-the-job injuries and more:

  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Severe burns
  • Eye injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Exposure to unsafe substances
  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries

Do Plumbers Suffer Occupational Diseases?

Another on-the-job risk that most plumbers face is the risk of catching an occupational disease or illness. Working around sewage and contaminated water is a hazard. Exposure to unclean water can cause severe illness and bacterial or viral infection, even when adequate safety and protective equipment is used.

Most workers’ compensation policies that cover plumbers must account for occupational illnesses, as well as immediate physical injuries. If you have fallen ill and you know it was because of your work as a plumber, you should speak to our Chicago plumber workers’ comp lawyers right away. Oftentimes, insurers try to deny these cases outright because they know you will have a hard time proving that your illness is related to your work. We can counteract their efforts from the beginning to give you a better chance of getting the benefits you deserve with less stress.

Do Independent Contractor Plumbers Get Workers’ Comp?

In Illinois, employers must supply workers’ compensation coverage to employees in most situations. However, independent contractors are not employees, and they are rarely guaranteed workers’ compensation benefits if they get hurt while working. If you are working for a plumbing agency as an independent contractor, then you might not have workers’ compensation insurance as provided by your employer.

There are two solutions to this situation:

  • Buy your own policy: Independent contractors can buy workers’ compensation insurance to cover themselves in case of an accident while they are working. If this happens while you are working as an independently contracted plumber, then we can help you file a first-party claim for workers’ comp benefits.
  • Review your employment contract: It is not impossible that your employer has made you act as an employee under the law but classified you as an independent contractor. This mistake happens intentionally and accidentally all the time. Let us review your employment contract to see if you should be provided workers’ comp by your employer.

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