Workers We Represent

Workers We Represent

Legal Allies for Workers Across Industries

McHargue & Jones, LLC in Chicago is proud to offer our workers’ compensation case representation to workers from all sorts of industries. We believe that everyone who is owed workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident should get them. When an employer or insurance company stands in the way of a worker’s swift and comfortable recovery, we stand up to fight for what is right. Whether you are full-time, part-time, seasonal, or contracted, we can help you make sense of your workers’ compensation benefits when it seems that no one else will. Contact us now.

We have experience helping workers from these careers and more:

  • Welders: Welders and metalworkers must deal with intense heat sources, sharp or heavy metal, and potentially dangerous instruments each day. If an injury happens in this occupation, we think it should be simple to get much-needed workers’ compensation after.
  • Factory workers: Manufacturing jobs are essential to keep numerous industries running, but factory work does not come without its risks. Moving machinery, heavy parts and products, and cramped conditions can all represent on-the-job hazards for factory workers.
  • Warehouse workers: The storage, organization, and shipping of parts, products, and equipment can be dangerous, especially when safety is not the top priority of an employer. Back and head injuries are common in such an occupation.
  • Union workers: Unions do incredible work for their members, but they are not infallible. We have heard from many union workers in the past who required additional support and representation from our team to get the workers’ comp benefits they deserve.
  • Delivery drivers: The worst on-the-job hazards faced by a delivery driver are found on the streets of their hometown: other drivers. If you were in a crash while delivering packages or food, then we can help you file your workers’ comp claim.
  • Medical professionals: Doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, and other medical professionals can encounter a variety of potential dangers on the job. Unlike most other industries, the medical industry puts its employees at a heightened risk of an occupational illness.
  • Plumbers: Working around hot, pressurized water can be a recipe for a serious injury if something goes wrong. Are you a plumber who was hurt on the job in Chicago? Our attorneys want to help you with your case.
  • Electricians: It goes without saying that working with electrical sources is inherently dangerous. Even the best electrician can have their worst day and get hurt. If you did, reach out to our firm to learn how to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, even if you were a contracted worker.
  • Airline/airport employees: The travel industry can create hectic workspaces for the employees there, especially for airline and airport employees who work in locations that can get crowded during the holidays.
  • Construction workers: We hear from workers from many industries, but many of our clients work in construction. We can help with cases involving injuries caused by falls, falling objects, unsafe equipment, electrocution, chemical exposure, etc.

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