Case Results

Since 2000, McHargue & Jones, LLC has helped injured individuals across Illinois recover compensation for their losses. As a result, we have successfully helped thousands of clients resolve their problems, and we recovered millions of dollars in the process. We can assist you, too. To read about our past case results, please feel free to browse through them here, or contact us today at (312) 739-0000.

  • $638,000
    Neck Injury

    We recovered $638,000 in future lost wages for a career ending injury to a union roofer. The insurance company denied approval of his cervical fusion surgery, so we took the depositions of the doctors involved and tried the case, ultimately winning the surgery and proving his ongoing disability.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Slip, Trip & Fall Injury

    We successfully awarded bilateral knee surgeries and over a year in back pay for a woman who fell down a flight of wet stairs at work. The employer denied the accident entirely and refused to pay a dime prior to trial. They presented multiple witnesses stating that there was no water on the stairs immediately before or after the accident; however, we convinced the court that her wet clothes after the fall were sufficient proof that the stairs were in fact wet. No offer of any kind before trial.

  • $435,000
    Construction Accident

    We recovered $435,000 in future lost wages for a career ending injury to a construction worker. This case went to trial when the insurance company denied his spine and shoulder surgeries and won approval and payment of his lost time and medical care. Unfortunately, his injuries were so extensive that even after the treatment awarded at trial, he was not able to go back to his prior career in construction.

  • $465,000
    Machinery Accident

    We recovered $465,000 in future lost wages for a machine operator whose hands were trapped in a laminating machine, causing severe permanent damage to his hands even after multiple surgeries. This was my second case for this gentleman, the first was fought tooth and nail by the insurance company. After beginning a trial and taking his testimony, that case settled for $90,000. Prior to trial, they denied the accident happened at all.