Illinois Distracted Driving Laws Will Take Effect on July 1st

Illinois is following the lead of many other states by strengthening its laws that are aimed to combat distracted driving, with new legislation that will start being enforced on July 1, 2019.

The laws focus on the known dangers of distracted driving, and particularly the risks of using a cellphone when operating a vehicle. While texting and driving is one of the most talked-about examples of reckless driving behavior, other forms of behind-the-wheel phone use and distracted driving behaviors are just as dangerous. The Illinois laws hope to address all distracted driving hazards — in addition to texting while driving, offenders could face penalties for using a GPS, talking on the phone without using a hands-free device, and using a smartphone while the car is stopped.

Before the recent laws were established, the previous penalties for distracted driving included a $75 fine, with no indication of the charges added to a guilty driver’s record. The new Illinois state laws will hit first-time offenders with fines over $150, says WQAD News, along with a notification of the violation on a driving record. Multiple offenses could result in driver’s license suspension.

Hopefully, the new laws will accomplish their intended purpose and reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving. The behavior is quickly becoming one of the top causes of motor vehicle collisions across the country and is a danger to every driver. According to the Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week campaign, distracted driving kills approximately 10 people every single day, and the hazards significantly affect young drivers.

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