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Should I Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

If you’ve decided to file a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois, you might be wondering if you need to retain a lawyer. While retaining a workers’ compensation attorney isn’t required, it’s important to consider consulting with an experienced legal professional before you proceed.

There are many reasons you should consider securing the support of a qualified attorney. Unfortunately, many injured employees fail to receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Every day, employees nationwide receive the unfortunate news that their workers’ comp claim has been denied for confusing and seemingly unjust reasons.

Securing reliable counsel from a skilled attorney can help you navigate the recurring pitfalls and setbacks that many workers are forced to confront on a daily basis, and ensure that you can continue to support yourself financially as you take necessary time off to recover and heal from a work-related injury.

How Can My Workers’ Comp Attorney Assist Me?

Workers’ compensation is a complex area of the law. Like many areas of our legal system, applying for workers’ compensation benefits can be tricky. There are particular state-specific requirements, deadlines, and paperwork to navigate once you decide to pursue a workers’ comp claim.

There are many ways in which a work injury lawyer can help you pursue workers’ compensation after a workplace accident or injury. Retaining dependable legal representation can help prevent negative outcomes, such as:

Assist you in the event that your workers’ comp claim is denied.

It’s possible to file an appeal if your claim is initially denied. A qualified workers’ comp attorney can review relevant documentation and evidence to build and strengthen your case, analyze why your claim was denied by the employer or insurer, and establish the best path forward to earn the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Advocate on your behalf if an insurer disagrees with your doctor’s diagnosis.

In the event that an insurer denies or disagrees with your physician’s statement regarding your diagnosis or rate of disability caused by the workplace injury, your attorney can file a motion to appeal.

A good lawyer will know which evidence to gather and how to present relevant documentation to the court. They can also collaborate with your doctor to fortify your case.

Assert comprehensive knowledge of the law if an employer rejects your claim on the basis of preexisting condition.

Even if you started a job with a preexisting condition, you are eligible for workers’ comp if the workplace accident or injury worsened that condition. Assuming that you suffered a worsening condition or injury in the workplace, it’s unlawful for an employer to reject your claim on the basis of a preexisting condition.

An experienced attorney possesses a comprehensive knowledge of work injury and workers’ compensation law, and will know how to navigate the intricacies in court to obtain the most favorable outcome.

Fight for you to receive the help you need if treatment is delayed or denied by the insurer.

Time is of the essence when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. While it’s important to file a claim as soon as possible, it’s equally important to receive the medical care you need in a timely manner to prevent an injury from worsening or even causing long-term damage.

As an American employee, you have the right to receive workers’ compensation to help you recover from a workplace accident or injury—without the added burden of supporting yourself financially during your recovery.

A good attorney will exercise their legal knowledge and advocate on your behalf for you to receive the care you need as swiftly and effectively as possible, even if your employer or insurer is giving you the run-around.

Fight for maximum compensation if you suffer chronic or lifelong impairments at work because of delayed, unaffordable, or ineffective treatment.

Sadly, some workers are denied access to swift and affordable treatment—or in some cases, aren’t able to obtain treatment at all. No employee deserves to suffer chronic or lifelong incapacity at work because of an employer’s careless actions.

If your boss or insurer denies you the care you need and thus creates long-term medical issues for you, you deserve the maximum award possible to compensate for things like:

  • Chronic physical injury
  • Emotional damages
  • Lost wages
  • Limited employability due to chronic pain or medical issues

A skilled workers’ comp attorney will possess a clear understanding of work injury law and state-specific regulations to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Prevent you from the additional stress of attending a mandatory workers’ compensation hearing on your own.

The majority of the time, going against an employer is a classic “David vs. Goliath” scenario. It isn’t fair to expect the little guy to go up against the big guy on their own. Many employers are well-funded with powerful resources and funds with which to defend themselves and get their way.

It’s important to give yourself a fighting chance by securing the support of an experienced workers’ comp attorney. A good lawyer will advocate for your best interests and fight tirelessly to hold both your employer and insurer accountable, and prevent them from getting away with unjust acts.

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